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How to fix the error “Invalid Configuration for device ‘0’”

Hello, today I had an issue with a Virtual Machine that is a member of a port group on a distributed switch (dvSwitch) but the network adapter was disconnected. When you try to bring it on again with Edit Settings -> Check Connected in the vNIC settings and you click OK, it fails and you get an error message: Invalid Configuration for device ‘0’.

Before I took the action below I tried also to do a vMotion to another host and from there to check if the Connected option it works, but with no luck. Also I show to another blog a solution for this issue about uncheck the “Connected on boot” then do a vMotion to another host and try to connected it again but also this didn’t worked for me.

In order to fix this issue I performed the solution below:

Step 1: Login via SSH to your ESX/ESXi host where the Virtual Machine is located

Then you have to run this command and copy the VMID from the specified Virtual Machine
Step 2: vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms | grep -i VMNAME

After that use the reload command with the VMID that you have been copy from the Step 2
Step 3: vim-cmd vmsvc/reload VMID

Step 4: Now go back to  your Virtual Machine -> Edit Settings -> check the Connected on the vNIC adapter and click OK.

Now it should be work and your Virtual Machine will have again network connectivity.


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