VCAP6-DCV Design

Hello I created this page in order to note down my exam preparation for VCAP6-DCV Design (3V0-622) and in the end after my attempt (or attempts) to give you my view of the exam.


I booked my first attempt for 15th of May 2017 just to push my self a little bit more. My list below will be updated more and more as long as I am finding “validated” stuff that I can use for my study.

Of course except these links definitely I recommend:
VCAP5-DCD Official study preparation book
VCAP6-DCV Design Exam Blueprint
Book – IT Architect: Foundation in the Art of Infrastructure Design: A Practical Guide for IT Architects.

My links that I use for studying:
vBrownBag EMEA VCAP6
My playlist for vBrownBag on Youtube
Functional vs Non-Functional Requirements
Conceptual, Logical, Physical: It is simple!
Constraints, Assumptions, Risks, Requirements and Dependencies
System Architecture Fundamentals – Conceptual, Logical, Physical Designs
VCDX5 Design Defence Blueprint – AMPRS (Availability, Manageability, Performance, Recovereability, Security)
Gregg Robertson blog post for VCAP-DCV
Dependencies Diagrams examples by Virtual Kim (@kim_bottu)
Design Exam – Simulation 1
Design Exam – Simulation 2
VCAP6-DCV Design – Risks, Requirements, Constraints and Assumptions Quiz
Scott Lowe – Pluralsight: Designing VMware Infrastructure
Don Ward aka vBikerblog (@ward8124) – Application Dependency – Upstream and Downstream Definitions
What’s the difference between vCLI and VMware PowerCLI

Please stay tuned, have a nice day! 🙂


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